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V.O.I.C.E. passed in 2012 Elections; Rajendran and Loomba file charges with Judicial Council

By: Jake Lefferman, CalTV News Producer Data released by the ASUC Elections Council shows that the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative has passed in the 2012 Spring Election. The proposal stated will implement a $2 per semester fee charged to students, in efforts to alleviate production costs and debt accumulated by The Daily Californian newspaper. The referendum received … Continue reading

ASUC Judicial Council strikes down Executive Order regarding V.O.I.C.E. initiative

by Jake Lefferman and Ashley Morgan, CalTV News Producers UC Berkeley’s ASUC Judicial Council struck down President Vishalli Loomba’s Executive Order, which invalidated the V.O.I.C.E Initiative Tuesday night. The initiative, put forth by The Daily Californian, would charge students $2 a semester to sustain the paper’s operations but was voided by the President on the … Continue reading

CALTV EXCLUSIVE: Source leaks whistleblower report cited in Executive Order

by Ashley Morgan, CalTV News Reporter EXCLUSIVE: A source has leaked the transcription of a Campus Whistleblower Report filed last Sunday, which took issue with the V.O.I.C.E. referendum on the 2012 ASUC election ballot. The caller claims V.O.I.C.E. is, “ in possible violation of Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, sections 67.10 — … Continue reading

ASUC Election Ballot misprints Class Pass referendum duration

by Jake Lefferman, CalTV News Reporter The ASUC Elections Council misprinted the AC Transit Class Pass Referendum on the 2012 Election Ballot during the initial hours of voting, according to Attorney General Deepti Rajendran and other ASUC sources. The Class Pass, which seeks to “continue providing unlimited student access to AC Transit and the campus … Continue reading

ASUC President strikes down Daily Cal $2 student fee referendum in Executive Order

by Ashley Morgan, CalTV News Reporter ASUC President Vishalli Loomba recently released an Executive Order striking down the Daily Cal’s $2 student fee referendum, also known as the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative. The order states, “The current ballot shall remain the same but the V.O.I.C.E Initiative Referendum is void for the spring 2012 ASUC election”. The order … Continue reading

U.S. Congressman Barney Frank criticizes Israel, lectures on US relations

Congressman Barney Frank criticized Israeli settlements and policies tonight during a lecture at UC Berkeley. Frank, who is known for his support of Israel-US relations, started off the lecture by saying that being a supporter of Israel does not mean that he isn’t critical of many of its policies, particularly the settlements in the occupied … Continue reading

CalTV News Exclusive Interview: Ralph Nader Criticizes NCAA, College Sports


Ralph Nader criticized the role of intercollegiate athletics in education when he visited UC Berkeley in late October.

The former presidential nominee and political activist came to Berkeley as a guest lecturer for a class exploring how the University of California’s core mission is affected by intercollegiate athletics. speech entitled “What’s Wrong with Big Time College Sports?” Nader denounced the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for their role in exacerbating the problem, in his speech “What’s Wrong With Big Time College Sports?” (video here).

Focusing on Division 1 schools, Nader made the case that intercollegiate athletics draws resources away from the university’s core mission, education and research. Further, he claimed it was a venture which can be highly profitable, but does so while exploiting student-athlete labor.

Afterwards, CalTV’s Peter Banks-Kenny was able to sit down with Mr. Nader for a brief interview. They discussed, among other things, who was to blame, why it’s difficult to compete athletically while following the rules, and what students can do to address the problems presented by the current system.

Nader connected the issues of intercollegiate athletics to larger themes, such as the corporatization of universities and the decline of intellectual life on our nation’s campuses.

The full interview can be seen above.

Investigative Report: Engineering and Science at Cal

Have you ever thought about switching you major? Well, you are not alone. When senior Jason Lai first arrived at Cal, he thought that he was going to become a doctor. Later on, Lai joined students across the nation are trying to change to less competitive majors once they enter college. As an entering freshman … Continue reading

CalConnect: Occupy Cal Strike & Occupy Cal March In SF

Raymond Zhuo | CalTV News Marketing This week’s campus discussion was dominated by recent developments from the Occupy movement here at UC Berkeley. Thousands of protestors took place in the General Strike on Tuesday, where protestors spent the day staging “teach-ins” and pitched camping equipment in solidarity with others participating in the movement along Wall … Continue reading

InFocus: Georgina Kleege

Raymond Zhuo | CalTV News Marketing Many people unfortunately have physical disabilities, some of whom are our close friends and relatives. Have they impacted the way you view them? Personally, when I learned at a young age that my uncle hearing-impaired, I became more sensitive to needs of him, helping him during conversations as much as … Continue reading